Who Owns the Customer Journey?

A customer journey is all the touch points a customer makes with your company throughout the full customer lifecycle.

Like it or not, your customers are in firm control of their own journeys with your company. The good news is that marketers are sitting on a goldmine of information about their digital customers. While Sales may have tribal and anecdotal knowledge of your customers, marketing owns the most truthful and actionable data set of anyone in the organization.

In this webinar, we’ll discuss this dichotomy of who owns the customer and learn how to:

  • Identify and gain cross-functional buy-in across the customer ownership team
  • Break down functional silos to create meaningful customer touchpoints
  • Develop a customer journey mapping competency
  • Leverage data to develop an accurate customer lifecycle
Chief Strategy Officer Debbie Qaqish and VP of Sales Scott Benedetti will discuss customer ownership from the sales and marketing perspectives.

Date: May 22
Time: 12pm PT, 3pm ET

  • Debbie Qaqish, Principal & Chief Strategy Officer, The Pedowitz Group 
  • Scott Benedetti, VP of Sales, The Pedowitz Group

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