How Marketing Operations Leads
the Annual Planning Process

OnDemand Webinar:
The Marketing Operations Approach to Planning

Watch the webinar recording and review the slides from this very informative webinar where we discussed:

  • The benefits and differences when Marketing Operations leads the planning & budgeting process
  • How to build a marketing plan like a business case including benchmarking & competitive analysis
  • The 3-step approach for how the best Marketing Operations pros excel in planning

The opportunity for the Marketing Operations leader is to lead marketing to new levels of credibility, accountability, confidence and visibility. In the Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Management (SPB&M) process defined in this webinar, marketing is elevated to a strategic partner in running the business and the Marketing Operations leader is elevated from running a "button pushing" operation to being a strategic player in growth and performance.

Key benefits for the MO leader resulting from the SPB&M process include exemplifying leadership and applying project management to a messy process.

This webinar was part of Allocadia's Marketing Planning Master Class. For more resources, please click here.
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