On Demand Webinar: Making the Case for Marketing Automation: A Practitioner's Guide

Today's customers have more choices, more channels, and more power. In order to meet their expectations and deliver a personal and relevant experience, marketers like you need the right tools and technology—including a robust marketing automation system. We have the answers to all your burning marketing automation platform questions including:

  • What use cases does it typically automate?
  • Are the efficiencies earned sufficient to merit the investment?
  • How can it help me achieve higher levels of customer engagement and improve the customer experience?
  • And, most importantly, will it provide better business results?

Watch this informative and educational webinar to hear our distinguished panel of marketing leaders, who guide their teams in the use of marketing automation every day, address these questions as practitioners, offering insights and lessons learned.

The Pedowitz Group (TPG) is a Revenue Marketing™ consulting firm headquartered near Atlanta, GA. TPG believes that marketing is the driver of customer engagement that fuels the revenue engine. Many of today’s successful CMOs are change agents who embrace data driven decision-making to power the revenue engine. As your partner, TPG helps you plan, build and optimize your revenue engine by delivering services in MarTech, demand generation and marketing operations.